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Mission Statement

Faith is our middle name at Horizon Interfaith Council! We are a non-profit, democratic organization of representatives from many religions and faith groups across the GTA. Our main purpose is to produce and air TV programs of our members' faiths and interfaith topics on Rogers Community Television, whose generosity and assistance has been fundamental to our success.

Association is the spirit of Horizon, with almost 100 different faith groups participating over 26 years. Currently we have 31 members. We encourage and co-ordinate the use of communication media by religious in the GTA on Rogers Cable. We aim to present the beliefs and traditions of our diverse religious community: to emphasize life values as addressed by religious beliefs; and promote harmony and understanding of our mult-cultural, multi-faith and multi-racial community in our interfaith programs.

Information is shared through a variety of venues. In the new millennium we've been very excited to expand our presence to the internet on our website horizoninterfaith.com. This enables us to offer our viewers more information about Horizon, our member faith groups, airing programs, and to provide information about our events.

Television is our primary medium for sharing faith, philosophy and perspectives. Our programs are broadcast on Rogers Community Channel every Sunday.

Horizon keeps expanding its horizons! Our Annual Potluck Banquet in June has been a greatly enjoyed event in the spirit of interfaith and multi-cultural fellowship. Four years ago, we added a new tradition with our annual Horizon Interfaith Concert. This is a well-attended fundraising event, featuring high quality entertainment for the whole family. Our annual Concert, and indeed Horizon itself, are truly "A Celebration of Cultures and Faith"